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Well im a blackhat hacker residing in Lisbon, Portugal, was looking for some freelance hacker assignments on the uplink corporations tor hidden service. i saw a job opening asking for the site infowars to be "demolished". I queried the person who posted it from my irc client he went by the nick/handle "chippy1337".
However chippy1337 told me that the job listing was about to go down since a group has already taken the job on. Because i beleive in free speech and freedom of information i decided to do a little digging into the undernet. What i learnt is disturbing especially since i have confirmed it by infilitrating the ROMANIANS, i have learned that a coalition of chinese black hats from the Red Hacker Alliance, and ROMANIAN AND SOUTH KOREAN SKIDDIES are preparing to launch a 5 million node malaysian botnet denial of service attack against doxbin AND its affiliates.

These romanains have been ruining up a storm on the internet the past 6 months and these chinese hackers are responsible for the attacks against google.
So since I am a elite hacker and my only crime is curiosity ie i do it for the knowledge and information, I decided to try to infiltrate this romanian league of skids.
So I started using my social engineering skills along with some techniques i picked up by reading Kevin Mitnicks book, to find out who they were and how I could pretend to be one of them.Perhaps the hardest part was the language barrier, but nothing Google Translate wouldn't fix ;);)
After a week or so, I finally got to talk to Sunt excitat, the leader of the group titled 'Fatalai unite'. After proving him my mad rooting skills and earning his trust, he granted me entrance into his group(root).
I was hesitent to ask him about the planned attack on doxbin but he paved way for the conversation by informing me about it himself, from the ensuing conversation i learned that the planned attack was being delayed until July 24, 2024 which is actually today. So your website should be down at any minute, if not right now. Luckily Sunt excitat had done a little research on chippy1337 out of habbit he told me that chippy1337 is a jewish new york business man named rob, after some further snooping on my part i believe this person may be one Robert Cavanaugh. Sunt exicat wouldn't go into specifics about the chines coalition since i was too knew a member of 'Fatalai unite'. However he did confirm that they will be providing the majority of the packeting power. The Romanians were said to be useful for their ability to actually break into systems rather than just attacking them.
My curiosity was now going into overload and i started snooping into his territory usesing advance hacking software such as DOS and commands such as "dir" and "ipconfig -all", anyway he found me snooping about in his stuff and vowed i will be expunged, he then used LOlC (Low Opsys Internal Cracker), and null routed my home ip with packets. The day after that, I believe i was abducted , because I have no memory of anything after that, except waking up (no) days later in my home.

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